Hardship letter to creditors

Ms. Erika Vinney

Edge Hill, Liverpool

Merseyside, L7 8JH

April 1, 2010

Mr. David Ebdon

AAA Mortgage Company

Re:  Loan no. 123-00000

Dear Mr. Ebdon:

I am an entrepreneur who put up a local convenience store as a source of income.  I am a single mother of two children and have no other means to support my family except through my small business endeavor.  However, I was forced to close down my store when one of my children fell seriously ill three months ago.  I am still in debt over hospital bills and currently have no means to pay my mortgage payment.

With my current financial status, I cannot afford to pay my home mortgage.  Still, I do not want to lose my home and have it foreclosed and I am hoping that your company could help me.  I am willing to follow the necessary steps so that I will not lose my home while I am also doing my best to have a new source of income.


Erika Vinney

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