Hardship Letter Mortgage

Joan Smith

Hale Village, Liverpool

Merseyside, L27 5RR

November 10, 2010

Ms. Mary Stringer

Genuine Mortgages Co.

Re: Loan no. 88888-9999999

Dear Ms. Stringer:

I am writing this letter to apologize for my failure to pay my mortgages last month.  The delayed payment is because my daughter was hospitalized for a month due to a heart problem.  She had to undergo numerous tests and treatments, including a minor surgery, and the hospital bills were beyond my medical insurance.  In addition, my salary at work was also used up for her hospitalization.

I believe I will be able to pay my overdue payment and continue paying my dues on time starting this month.  I am fully aware of my unpaid bills and will ensure payment as soon as I receive my salary this month.

Please contact me if the matter needs to be discussed personally.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Joan Smith


Hardship Letters


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