Hardship Affidavit Letter

To whom it may concern

This affidavit is granted to-

Marcus Christ

41, B.K Queen Lane, Central London


Phone no-8936451277

Sub- Hardship affidavit letter

I being the judge of the court hereby declare that Mr. Marcus Christ is eligible for a financial affidavit. I have carefully gone through the necessary financial evidence presented by the client. He has shown that every month he is having expenses which are nearly double the amount he is presently earning from his micro business enterprise. Earlier there was no such problem because his micro business involved in manufacturing of world class export quality leather products was doing exceptionally well.

Problem started to crop up in April 2012 when the world was on the verge of falling into recession. People started to curb their unnecessary expenditure and this lead to a sharp fall in the demand for these luxury leather products. I strongly feel Marcus Christ will be able to come out of this financial mess once the demands for his products pick up. I see his situation improving after two years time or so.

After careful examination I recommend that at present he was not able to pay his monthly EMI and I would direct the banks to restructure his loans.

I state that the above information provided is true to the best of my knowledge.


Philips Cordon

Special court judge, central London


16th June 2012

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