Gym Cancellation Letter


Mr Smith,

Gym Manager,

Happy Physique Gym,



Mr Johnson,

D-3, Galaxy Apartments,

Singing Boulevard,


Dear Mr Johnson,

This is Mr Smith, gym manager for Happy Physique Gym, writing to you in order to inform you that your membership in Happy Physique Gym has been cancelled. This step has been taken by the gym authorities in reaction to the balance in the payment of the gym fees. Even after repeated reminders put forward by the gym towards you, the payment has not been done. Hence, it is for this reason that the gym authorities have been forced to cancel your membership.

You are being informed that the deposit which was to be returned to you has been treated as the source of payment for the dues in your name and you can collect the remainder of the deposit. We urge you to empty the locker allotted to you and hand the keys over to the concerned gym authorities. You have been allotted a period of 2 weeks for clearance.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Smith

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