Grievance Meeting Letter


Mark Rowling

Chairman Working Committee

Eastern Power Corporation

56, Michael faraday road, Eastern London


14th june2012

Subject: Grievance meeting letter

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to express my grievance against the resolution passed by the working committee in meeting held on 25th May 2012.I was unable to attend the meeting because of some unavoidable circumstances .Unfortunately some very serious decision were being taken in the meeting; although I accept a majority of the recommendations but I cannot support some decisions of the meeting. Firstly the working committee has decided to downsize its members from currently ten to only five members.

I feel that the committee is responsible for taking some tough decisions which are instrumental in determining the future prospects and its sustainability. I think only five members would not be able to handle such a tough job efficiently. Secondly the committee decision to lease out jobs which are perennial in nature will lead to massive retrenchments globally which will harm the sentiments of present employees.

I would therefore request you kindly reconsider the above two clauses for the betterment of the company and looking forward for a positive response from your side.

Yours’ sincerely

John Fletcher

Eastern Power Corporation

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