Grievance Letters

Grievance letter are the letter through which a person can convey his dissatisfaction or grievances towards a concerned authority. Such a letter mainly consists of the explanation of the grievance and the causes and solutions regarding it. Generally, grievance letters should be written in a formal tone.

There can be many kinds of grievance letters. The following are the titles of a few:

  • Grievance letter to the employer
  • Grievance letter to an organization
  • Grievance letter against unfair treatment


One important factor that should be kept in mind while writing a grievance letter is that one should be clear about whom exactly to write the letter to. The letter should directly reach the person or the concerned department. The following can be a few helpful points to write a letter of grievance:

  • There should be a polite tone which has to be followed throughout the letter.
  • While stating the dissatisfaction, one should be firm and clear.
  • Along with stating all the negative points, one can also mention a few positives which shall give your letter a good impact.
  • All the documents which support your complaint should be properly attached with the letter.

It is very important to mention the cause and effect of the complaint in detail.

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