Grievance Letter to Management


Paul Harris

Managing director

Shepherd bronze limited

45, Administrative Building, Future Street

Central London, UK

14th June 2012

Subject: Grievance letter to management

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to express my grievances against some unpopular decision taken by the management of our company. A recent circular issued to our department instructs the employees to report half an hour before the scheduled reporting time and to leave for home half an hour later than the schedule time for departure. The management wants to increase the production in order to meet their targets within the stipulated deadline.

The most interesting thing about the decision is that it is asking its employee to put one hour of extra effort but without any increase in the wages. I on the behalf of all the employees from my department would like to inform the management that we are unable to follow the directive with immediate effect. The employees need time to spend with their family members and also have social life.

I would request you to kindly review your decision because if it is implemented then the workers will get stressed out and the production will start to decline down because of fatigue.

Yours’ sincerely

Michael Rachel

Shepherd bronze limited

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