Grievance Denial Letter


Adam Paul’s

Senior Manager

Regional Power Distribution Company Limited

456, zonal towers, 8th floor

Andrew Russell Street, London


14th June 2012

Subject: Grievance denial letter

Respected Sir

I am writing this letter to express my grievances against the denial of the leave application form that I have applied for six days leave due to the marriage ceremony of my sister at my native hometown. I would like to mention that the six days leave i.e. from10th August 2012 to 16 August 2012 that I had applied for was extremely urgent as my only sister is getting married during that period in my native home town. I being her only brother, it is extremely important for me to be present there in order to successfully preside over the number of rituals involved. I case I am not present there the entire function would be jeopardized as there is no other member in my family who can handle so many gusts at a time. I would not be not able to concentrate on my job here in case if I am not allowed to go; as my subconscious mind would be present at my native home.

I would therefore request you to reconsider my application form. I eagerly wait for a positive response from your side.

Yours’ sincerely

Chris Harris

Junior work manager

Regional Power Distribution Company Limited

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