Grievance Appeal Letter

December 1, 2010

Peter Gipps


Easy Solutions Co.

London, SW19 0RE

Dear Mr. Gipps,

I am writing this letter in behalf of the Worker’s Union to appeal for your response regarding the grievances we have formally expressed last month.  We have raised issues regarding unfair labor practices in your company.  Firstly, the company is extending the work hours of workers more than that stated in their contracts.  Many workers have complained that they are being forced to work for more than eight hours a day for reasons unspecified by the management.  Secondly, the extended work hours are not being considered in the overtime pay of the workers.  Thirdly, requests for maternity leave have not yet been approved by the company.

These issues have already been put forward in previous letters but grievance hearings and other proceedings have not yet been arranged by the company.  We sincerely hope that the proper proceedings be conducted soon lest we be obliged to take necessary legal action


William Green

President, Worker’s Union

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