Grievance Acknowledgement Letter


Brad Pit

Customer Service Executive

Customer Service Department

Oscar Wild Technologies Limited

89York Shire Place,

Brooklyn City, UK 2789

Dated: 12th of May 2012

Subject: Acknowledgement of your grievance

Respected Mr. Pit,

This letter is in regards to the grievance letter received by me on 10th of May 2012 regarding the nonpayment of overtime amount to the customer service executives even if the staff is working beyond their working hours. I have looked deeply into the issue and come up with a solution.

I understand that this is a peak time and all the employees have to stay back and do overtime for an extra of two to three hours as the call flow is high. I believe that it will be injustice for the employees if they are not paid an overtime amount in their salary as they are doing this for the organization. I have had a meeting with the higher management and they have agreed to pay overtime to the staff on an hourly basis.  We have not decided the amount yet but we will soon come up with that.

I hope you agree with the above decision. In case of any query feel free to ask me.


Jane Fonda

HR Manager

Oscar Wild Technologies Limited

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