Greeting Thank You Letter

Dear Mr. Jones,

This is the first time I am writing to you in an informal way. The greetings which you conveyed to us for the revival of our firm from the difficult time made us realise that you are more than a work companion for us, since there were few people who stood by our side in these times; and the expression of the greetings from your side is the acknowledgement of the support which you rendered to our organisation during the tough times.

You have extended the personal arm to me leaving behind all the professional indifferences and that is highly commendable. This shows that how much you are involved in the work you do and how much you care for your companions. It was a great relief to realise your support when all our competitors are involved in the crab fight to pull us down and let us drown in the difficulties.

Thanking you,

Mr. Yardley.

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