Graduation Congratulation Letter


Nathan Lee

Oscar Apartments

67 Universal High Street

New South Wales, United Kingdom 5678

Dated: 2nd of May 2012

Subject: Congratulations on completion of your graduation

Dear Nathan,

This in regards to completion of your graduation on 30th of April 2012. I would like to congratulate you for completing your graduation.

You have been pursuing your bachelor’s degree in Arts from New South Wales University since last four years. As much I can remember, you have been a bright student since your childhood. You have carried that aspect of yours even while pursuing your graduation. It is great that you have passed your graduation with flying colors. It is another level in your life that you have crossed. This great achievement of yours calls for a celebration.

I believe that you must be planning to pursue your masters now and I wish you all the best for that. I would like to congratulate you again for this amazing feat.


Brett Lee

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