Graduate Student Recommendation Letter

August 9, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with confidence and pride that I write this recommendation letter for Ms. Nina McKellar, a student in our university.

I believe I am in a good position to recommend Ms. McKellar as Dean of the Science Department.  In her four years in the university, I strongly believe she has displayed the necessary skills and academic ability that would make her a good student in your graduate program.

Ms. McKellar is an outstanding student in our university.  She has gained excellent grades despite actively participating in school politics.  Her professors rate her performance as exceptional, noting her ability to manage her time for her studies and extra-curricular activities.  Her involvement in various endeavors has not affected her studies.  Instead, these have contributed to honing her leadership and communication skills.

I highly recommend Ms. McKellar for acceptance to your school where I know she will best gain her graduate degree.


Mr. Anthony Burnett

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