Graduate School Admission Letter

April 5, 2010

Dr. Frank Breakwell


University of Aston

Birmingham, B14 2LF

Dear Dr. Breakwell,

I am a Journalism graduate and I would like to take further studies in your reputed institution.  I have been searching for universities offering good programs and I have found yours to be the most exceptional.  A friend studying in your institution has informed me that you are now accepting applicants for students in the field of journalism.  I have been informed of the admission requirements and I believe that I am eligible for admission to your graduate program.

I have had previous experience working with a publishing firm and have written several articles which were published in a local newspaper and magazine.  I have also contributed some write-ups to academic journals which have been warmly received by the editors.

I hope to be able to enhance my knowledge and skills at your university and hopefully contribute to your institution as well.

Yours faithfully,

Julia Diamond

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