Good Solicitation Letter


Mr Bernard,

The event organiser,

Play Your Heart Out event


Mrs Smithsonian,

The Mayor,


Dear Mrs Smithsonian,

I, Mr Bernard, the vent head of the Play Your Heart Out event organised on the 19 August, 2010, wish to make you a part of this event. This event is aimed at making children aware of the importance of playing outdoor games. The increasing pressure from the education world and the increasing obligations which the children in the today’s world have to face coupled with the advanced electrical gaming options have made these children stuck to one place or the other.

This results in the cropping up of the unwanted health conditions at an early age and hence these children need to get themselves involved in the outdoor games even for a small period of time on a regular basis. The involvement from your side in this event shall make the event very grand and people shall be more attracted by the involvement of such a responsible personality like you.

Expecting your co-operation,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Bernard

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