Generic Hardship Letter


Mark Fulton

56, central Apartments, David Hare Street

Eastern London, UK

Phone no-78965321436


Norman Fletcher

78, New Town residential Complex, Mall road

Central London, UK

Sub- Generic hardship letter

Dear Norman

Hope this letter finds you in good health and best spirits .Convey my sincere regards to your parents. I am writing this letter to you after almost three years. It has been a long time when we have not met each other. I am writing this letter to tell you about my troubled situation because of the generic hardship that I am suffering form. You are already aware that my family has history of genetic diabetes.

I feel very sad to inform you that I could not escape from it pared from that and now I am suffering from high sugar levels as well as blood pressure. The doctors have given at least ten tablets which need to be swallowed every day. I have been prohibited from eating spicy and junk foods with high content of sugar such as sweets, fruits etc. Almost all my favorite food items are out of my diet list.

With the increase in age my joint pain in legs is also increasing exponentially. I wanted to share my hardship with someone close and could not think of anyone else beside you. Please let me know when you are free so that we can plan to meet someday.

Yours friend

Mark Fulton

16th June 2012

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