General Application Letter


Mr Tolstoy,

A-7, Victor Lane,



Ms Braganza,

Human Resource Officer,

John Playing Fitness Centre,


Dear Ms Braganza,

I, Mr Tolstoy, am drafting this letter to put forward an application seeking the job of gym instructor in your esteemed fitness centre. I have been in the field of fitness training for last 6 years and have gathered enough experience to train any and every person with any and every physique requirement. I have worked as personal trainer to many famous personalities, the details of which are mentioned in the resume enclosed along with this letter.

I assure you that the patrons of the fitness centre shall benefit much more with my involvement in their fitness training. I also have fair amount of idea regarding the diet which is need to be followed for different physique types and I can help in curbing and restriction to various fitness unfriendly addictions like junk food addiction, smoking, etc. I am hopeful of a positive response from your side. Thanking you in anticipation,

Mr Tolstoy

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