Funny Solicitation Letter


Mr David,

The event head,

Help Music Event


Mr Cameroon

Dear Mr Cameroon,

This letter has been made to you for making you a part of the event famous by the name of the Help Music Event. This event aims at making an attempt to make music survive in the recent scenario. The recent scenario has been flooded with the gaming options and more and more people are getting diverted from the music and hence there is an urgent need to make an attempt to let music afloat in the recent scenario as well.

Now, after making a personality like you an integral part of this event, we can hope that you will make this event a grand success. I entrust all the responsibilities of this event to you and I am hopeful that you shall do justice to each and every work you undertake in this context. Make this event a grand success so that no one every feels that music is getting alienated.

Yours truly,

Mr David

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