Funny Romantic Letter

My dear Sarah,

Do you still remember the first day that we met? I just couldn’t take it off my mind. It makes me smile

whenever I see the couples doing their grocery.

I couldn’t forgive myself for being so rude to you on that day jus t because of the last bottle of orange

juice. How very ungentlemanly of me. I just thought you wouldn’t take the juice because you just stared.

I did not catch that you can’t open the ice box because your right hand was in a sling and your left was

holding on to your purse. You were actually motioning for me to help you get the juice. When I finally

open the ice box and got the juice, you were waiting for me to hand it to you but to your surprise I drank

it straight in front of you. How disgusted you were t hat you slap me. From that day on I waited for you

to drop by the store at the same time we accidentally met.

Thanks for that bottle of orange juice and thanks for the slap – I found the love of my life. I would always

welcome another slap if it means bein g with you for the rest of my life. I love you very much Sarah my


Always in love with you,


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