Funny Friendship Letter

Mr. Buck Thorne

11 Alwold Crescent, Lee

London, Se19 9ag

April 1, 2010

Mr. Duke Wales

Langley Park, Durham

Co Durham, Dh7 8up


Hey There!  How’s The Weather Your Way?  I Hope You Haven’t Been Hit On The Head Since The News Report Says It Has Been Raining Cats And Dogs Lately.  Lucky For Me I Am Good At Running From Falling Objects – I Have Had A Lot Of Practice From Veering Away From Flying Objects In House (Courtesy Of My Wife!).

Do Take Care Of Your Health Always.  It Will Be A Great Loss To Us If You Fall Ill And Have To Take A Leave From Work – If That Happens, We Would Lose A Generous Drinking Buddy Who Always Volunteers To Pay The Bill.  Of Course You May Pretend To Be Sick For A Day So That We Can Spend A Day Roaming The Cities Just As We Did When We Were Still Single And Free.  Ah, How I Miss The Carefree Days! Come To Our House Soon And We’ll Relive Everything!

Still Alive,


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