Funny Farewell Letter


All my flat mates

Oscar Housing Society

56 North Side Lane

Indiana Polis, Iowa 5678

Dated: 12th of May 2012

Dear Flat mates,

It is time for you all to bid me farewell as I am leaving this apartment as I have got a job in a different city. From now on from three you will become two, I meant the number of residents in the apartment.

I hope that after I leave you both pay the rent on time and don’t make excuses to the landlord as we used to do earlier whenever we did not had the money to pay rent. I also hope that you don’t continue your culinary experiments and burn the whole apartment down.

Jokes apart, I would miss you all. I hope you all in stay in good health and stay in touch. May God take care of you and fulfill your wishes.

Yours loving ex flat mate,

Nick Carter

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