Fundraising Donation Letter


Lisa Clarke

678 Downey High Road

Leeds, United Kingdom 3489

Dated: 12th of May 2012

Subject: Request for donation to raise fund

Dear Lisa,

I would like to inform you that we, Women Good Life Group are raising funds in order to provide better lifestyles to underprivileged women in the third world counties. We would like you to make some donation in order to help us to raise funds.

There are lots of women in the third world countries who don’t have the privilege of a healthy lifestyle, so we are raising funds in order to give them a better lifestyle. A huge amount of fund is required in order to make this project successful, so we are requesting for donations from various individuals.

I believe that you also care for these women and would make a healthy donation. I am enclosing a donation form along with the letter.

Thanking you,

John Miller

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