Fundraising Appeal Letter

November 10, 2010

Emily Price

Liverpool, L16 9JD

Dear Mrs. Price,

I represent Calamity Watch, a charity group currently raising funds to help victims of natural calamities.  We have already sent letters to various generous groups and individuals two months ago.  Sadly, we have not yet gathered enough funds and resources to be able to aid the 1,000 families that we have initially set to serve.

As such, we are appealing to kind-hearted individuals like you who have supported us in several activities.  We know that you have already donated a generous amount for another project but any help you could give us now would greatly contribute to our cause.

You may send your contributions to our bank account or bring them to our local office.  We will also be visiting offices and homes of kind donors next week.  To save you from additional effort, we can include you in our rounds if you wish.

Thank you.


Gerald Brown




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