Friendship Valentine’s Letter


Suzanne Cairns

99, Hill top apartments

Andrew Mark Avenue, Southern London


12th June 2012

Dear Suzanne

I think you are doing well these days. Since the past two years we have known each other well and spend some quality time together. We have also enjoyed a lot during the birthday parties, candle light dinner and numerous dates that we have gone to. Now I think that the right time has come to extend our relationship a step further from friendship.

I propose you to be my valentine and become my life partner forever. If you agree my proposal then please accept the bouquet of flowers that you will be receiving on 14th June 2012 at your doorstep. You can decline the request by not accepting the flowers if you think I am not the one whom you are looking for. I will readily accept your decision in the true hearted spirit.

I can assure you that if you accept to be my Valentine, I will take care and will love you till my last breath. You mean the entire world for me and I can do anything to keep you happy. Will wait for your reply eagerly.

Yours Loving,


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