Friendship Termination Letter


Kevin Longa

96, FRC Multistoried Housing Society

Russel Lane, Western London


12th June 2012

Subject: I would like to terminate our friendship forever.

Dear Kevin

Hope you are in good health when you get this letter. I am writing this letter out of extreme pain from my heart as the past few months in our relationship have been extremely rough. Considering our regular conflict; due to the differences in our mindset and our approach towards life. I think the suitable time has arrived when I would like terminate all our friendship ties with you permanently. I find that we argue even in the simplest discussions and this is not the way relationship should be carried on. You aggressive behavior and at times physical flexing have made me think that it would be better if we stay separately. I know it will be little tough for us to admit the fact initially but things will definitely improve once time lag is there.

Hope you will co-operate and support me in this tough but unavoidable decision. Please forgive me for any mistakes that might have been made during the three years long friendship. Wishing you all the best for your future.

Yours’ sincerely

Michael Anderson

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