Friendship Reference Letter


John Woo

Oxford High Apartment

31 Universal Kindle Road

South Hall, United Kingdom 4589

Dated: 12th of May 2012

Dear John,

It gives me immense pleasure to refer my friend Tom to you. If ever you are in need of a friend, I can assure you that Tom is the ideal person whom I can refer.

Tom and I have known each other since last fifteen years since when we were in our fifth standard.  During my good times as well as my bad times, he has been there beside me as a friend throughout. He is the only person in the world whom I can trust blindly. There was a time when I was staying in a different city away from my parents and was suffering from serious health issues, Tom was there to take care of me and admitted me in a hospital. He used to come to the hospital everyday and get my medicines every day. There has not been a single incident when he has hurt me.

I can assure you that you will be thanking me for referring a friend like Tom. Let’s take out time and I will introduce him to you. Let me know when you are free and then we can plan to meet.


Mike Myers

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