Friendship Recommendation Letter


Mike Holdings

67/U, Beauty Enclave, Russell Street

Northern London, UK

14th June 2012

Subject: friendship recommendation letter

Dear Mike

I am fine and thought of sending you a mail to recommend one of my close friends John to you. John is the most talented and hardworking individual I have ever met in my life. He is full of life and a very energetic human being. John is a guy who knows the real meaning of true friendship and he will stand on your behalf during the hours of emergency. One of the most challenging things about him is his impressive personality and his humorous comments which make you laugh even when you are in sad mood.

I have been with him for the past three years and not a single time he had decline any request whatsoever I have made to him. You just tell him your problem and he will solve it in seconds. John is the most perfect friend I have ever got in my life.

I would therefore strongly recommend you to make friendship with John once and enjoy the life that comes after it. Let me know when you are free and then we can plan to go out for dinner together.

Yours friend,

Andrew Jacobs

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