Friendship Love Letter


Marie Kidman

78, Great residential towers, Siphon Street

Northern London, UK

14th June 2012

Dear Marie

Hope you are in the best of your spirits these days. I am writing this letter to express the feeling of my heart which I could not express in front of you. As you know that we have been very close friends for the past five years since our college days at the undergraduate level. Now I think the time has come to convert this close friendship into a relationship.

I would like to know your feeling about me. I am interested in knowing that does your heart have any special place for me. It is becoming next to impossible for me to suppress my feelings about you. The picture of your cute little face has taken a permanent place in my eyes. So whenever it close my eyes, I can just see your face and nothing else. I want to confess you that I love you deeply from the bottom of my heart. I think you are the god’s gift in my life.

Now I am eagerly waiting for the reply from your side. I promise that if you will be my life partner, I will take care of you and will love you every moment of my life.

Yours’ loving

John Mills


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