Friendship Letters

Friendship letters are letters which are written between two or more friends. This kind of a letter is a great way to remain in touch with old and new friends. This is one of the most informal categories of letters and should be self written. In this era where instant messaging is the ‘in’ thing, very few people take out time to sit and write letters to their friends expressing their thoughts and feelings. Friendship letters can be of the following few types:

  • Funny friendship letter
  • Emotional friendship letter
  • Inspirational friendship letter

Etc… Some people may find it difficult to write a friendship letter properly. For them, we have a few tips and suggestions to be kept in mind before starting to write:

  • Mention your name and address on the top left corner of the letter.
  • There is no need for writing a subject, instead start with a casual ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’.
  • The first paragraph can be a general one which talks about the purpose of the letter.
  • The main body should consist of details and should be the main crux of the letter.
  • The last paragraph can be devoted to asking the recipient to respond to the letter.

End with a ‘yours lovingly’.

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