Friendship Letter Template

(Your Name)



(Name Of Friend)


Dear Friend,

I Hope This Letter Finds You And Your Family Well.  It Has Been Quite A Time Since We Last Saw Each Other And I Hope That Everyone Is In Good Health.  My Family And I Are Doing Fine.

How Is Your Work?  I Hope You Got That Promotion You Have Been Eyeing For A Long Time Now.  You Really Deserve It After Working Ten Years In The Company.  I Know You Are Such A Hard Worker And You Have Given Nothing But Your Best In All Your Work.  I Am Sure You Will Be Rewarded For All The Time And Effort You Have Put In That Have Given Excellent Results.

And How Are Your Children Doing?  Are They Doing Well In School?  Matthew Is Such A Fast Learner And He Is Already Reading And Can Write His Name.  He Misses Michael Very Much And Hopes You Can Come Over Next Week.  We Hope You Oblige To Our Invitation!


(Your Name)

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