Friendship Introduction Letter


Angelo Mathews

45, New housing Society, M.K Street,

Western London, UK

14th June 2012

Subject: Friendship introduction letter

Dear Angelo

Hope you are doing well in studies these days. I am writing this letter to introduce one of my best friends Brendon to you. He is the guy with the most impressive personality I have ever met in my life. Brendon gives you warmth and makes you feel joyous every time you are with him. One of the best things about Brendon is that he is very straight forward in his character and he will frankly admit whatever he feels about you. I would like you to meet my special friend and I can guarantee that you will be interested in having friendship with him. You will never feel bored whenever you are with Brendon and you will definitely relish his company. I believe that by making friendship with him you will never repent because of the stress busting character that he possess.

I would therefore invite you to meet Brendon once you are free and I am confident that he will definitely leave a mark on you because of his out of the way thinking ability.

Yours friend

Adam Cook


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