Friendship Goodbye Letter


Natalie Portman

High Rise Buildings

Block B, third floor, flat number 67

89 Roger Moore Street

South Hall, United Kingdom 5690

Dated: 4th of July 2012

Dear Natalie,

It is sad that I have to bid you goodbye my friend. I have got a new job and as a result I have to move another city so I will be far away from you.

I would have loved if we could stay in the same city but circumstances are such that I can’t help it. I had always cherished for a job in the position that I have got and above that it is one of the most reputed organizations that will help me grow professionally. I still remember that how you have been there by my side during difficult as well as happy times. You are a sweet friend who would go to any extent to keep me happy. I will never forget the day when we met and our friendship started.

It is extremely depressing that I have to go far away from my friend and bid her goodbye. I wish that God bless you and fulfills all your wishes. I would request you to stay in touch.

Your dear friend,

Jane Austen

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