Friendship Breakup Letter


John Stoke

54/ER, SLZ Apartments,

Luxemburg, London


12th June 2012

Subject: To inform you that I would like to break up our friendship.

Dear John

Hope that you are doing well these days. I am writing this letter out of extreme pain from the core of my heart as I would like to break our friendship ties forever. It took me a while to take this strong decision as I was unable to make up my mind clearly. The last couple of months between us have been extremely bad as we are always up to quarrels and heated debates. After thinking a lot on this aspect I have come to the conclusion that since our ways of thinking does not match and to be précised they are exactly opposite, it would be better for us that we part our ways and break our four years long friendship. I know that it will be tough for both of us to part our ways initially since we have stayed close for such a long time.

Hope you will understand the complexity of the matter and you will find that we will be happier seperately.

Yours’ sincerely

Kyle Bolton

33, Knighthood Apartments, Central London





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