Friendship Appreciation Letter


Andrew Jacques

990, Great Eastern Apartments

J.F Kennedy Street, Northern London


12th June 2012

Subject: I would like you to appreciate you kind heartedness shown in our friendship.

Dear Andrew

Hope you are doing well and sincere regards to your parents. I am writing this letter to give you my sincere thanks and appreciate the brave heart work shown by you in admitting my ill father to the hospital when I was not at home. You have shown the true spirit of the friendship and I wish you all the success in your life. My father as you already know is a heart patient suffering from this critical disease for the last ten years.

As he had suffered a mild heart attack and fainted last night; doctors at the hospital told that if he would have being to the hospital a little later then the chance of his recovery would be minimal. I would like to express my sincere regards to you for saving the life of my father and standing behind me at the time of emergency even though I was out of the city on that day.

I pray to God that our friendship last forever and it grows stronger with each passing day. Once again thanks a lot for everything.

Yours friend,

Phil Christ

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