Friendship Apology Letter


Danny Watson

West Side Apartment

34 York Shire Road

South Hall, United Kingdom 3467

Dated: 15th of June 2012

Dear Danny,

I am writing this letter to apologize to you for not being able to come down for your first wedding anniversary. There few reasons for not being able to attend such an important event in my friend’s life and I believe that after knowing the reasons you would surely forgive me.

Your first wedding anniversary was on 10th of June 2012 for which you had invited me one month earlier and I had promised that I would turn up. But due to unexpected circumstances I had to give it a miss. The day, on which you had event, I had to do overtime at office. There were few documents that I required to complete at office. If I did not stay back, I might have lost my job.  I myself regret that I missed such an important event.  I would like to apologize again.

I hope that you will understand my situation and forgive me. Please convey my apologies to your wife as well. I promise that I would surely be there for your next wedding anniversary.

Your best friend,

Harry Potter

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