Friendly Thank You Letter


Nissan Husain

Sun Rise Apartments, Phase 2

Flat no. 213, 2nd Floor

89 Tin Drum Street

New Leeds, UK 4321

Dated: 6th of May 2012

Subject: Letter to say thank you

Dear Nissan,

This is in regards to the Computer book lent by you for my final year college exams. I can’t thank you enough for the favor done by you and you are indeed a friend in need.

I had lost my computer book one week before my final year exams. I looked for a copy of the book but the book was out of stock at all book shops and none of my classmates was ready to share the book as they also needed to prepare. I was scared and had no idea how would I prepare for my exams till you appeared as an angel. You lent me the book on time so that I could revise before the exams. It is just because of you that I have been able to give my exam well. You have proved to be a true friend. I am lucky to have friend like you on whom I can depend on in times of need.

I would like to thank you again and pray to God that we stay friends till eternity.


Owen Wilson

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