Format For Writing A Permission Letter

A permission letter is a kind of a letter which is written by a person to ask for permission from another person or party. A permission letter is used in many cases but it is mostly used for formal or business related purposes. Therefore the tone of a permission letter is mostly formal in nature.

A few examples of permission letters include permission for absence from work, permission for manufacturing, permission for work etc. A permission letter has to be written by following a certain format of letter writing. If you wish to frame a permission letter, then the following given detailed format shall be extremely helpful for you.

  • A permission letter must be started by giving the name, title, organization name and official address of the recipient on the left margin of the sheet.
  • The next part of the permission letter must be reserved for the date of writing the letter. The format in which the date should be written is dd/mm/yy.
  • In a permission letter, the salutation should be written in a formal way. One can use words like ‘respected’, ‘sir’ etc in the salutation followed by the name or surname of the recipient.
  • The subject line of a permission letter should be effective in defining the reason for writing the letter. For example ‘requesting permission for ____’.
  • The next part of the permission letter is the body of the letter. This part must also be divided into 2 or maximum 3 paragraphs. The first paragraph should be reserved for giving your introduction or the introduction of the organization that you represent.
  • The second paragraph should be your request for permission and the reason for asking for permission.
  • The last paragraph must be used for closing the letter and reminding the recipient of your permission.
  • Sign off the letter by giving your name and contact details.

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