Format For Writing A Letter Of Application

A letter which is written in order to apply for a particular job position, course or educational purpose is known as a letter of application. Infact there are many other categories of letters of application as well. Such letters are generally formal in nature and have to be written by following a formal format of letter writing.

Any letter of application consists of the details of the applicant which make him/her suitable for the job or course. Such letters are used to convince the recipient of the worthiness of the applicant or sender. If you want help regarding the format of writing a letter of application, then the following given tips and suggestions will be extremely useful for you.

  • Any letter of application must be started from the top left margin of the sheet. The first thing to be written is the name of the recipient followed by his/her job title and company/organization name. One must also write the official address of the organization/company.
  • This should be followed by the current date on which the letter is written.
  • Writing the subject is really important in a letter of application. The subject must be brief and should be effective in telling the purpose of writing the letter.
  • The subject should be followed by the salutation, which must be formal in nature.
  • The body of the letter must be written in a polite and respectful tone. One must give a self introduction in the first paragraph and define the purpose of application.
  • The second paragraph of the body should be reserved for giving the qualifications, skills and work experience details of the applicant. This paragraph should mention the various reasons which make the applicant suitable for the applied position/course.
  • The last paragraph must have a proper closing to the letter which should be followed by the name and contact details of the sender.

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