Formal Request Letter


Mr. Lloyd M Baugh

Director, Innovative Education

E-90, Smithville Drive

Date: 13-12-2011

Subject: Formal request letter

Dear Mr. Baugh

I am writing this letter to request you to include my one article in your monthly edition of the magazine that you publish for your students. I am a computer networking professional and a technical writer.

I have been writing in this field for last 5 years and now I am planning to reach out to the students and help them with the difficulties that they face while understanding computer networking. I have also attached a sample article with this letter which if you feel good, you can please publish to check the response of the students.

I look forward for a positive response from your side. You can reach me on 787 564 3324 or contact me on my e-mail id

I am thankful to you for your kind consideration.

Yours’ sincerely

Jason Brown


Formal letters

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