Formal Office Letter


Elton John


Alcoa Europe

27th York Street,


5th September 2012

Sub: Disputes in the delivered product.

Dear Mr. Elton

I would like to inform you that we have received the delivery of products which we ordered to your company. I would like to draw your attention regarding certain issues. It appears after careful examination that there is shortage of products in the delivery. When this came to our notice we checked the entire delivery and we found out that you have delivered only forty five boxes.

I would request you to cross check the consignment that you have sent to our company as we have placed an order for fifty boxes. I would request you to send us the remaining five boxes. You have been one of our key business partners for the last two decades. Hope that we will share a good relationship in the future also.

Hope that you will take necessary steps to resolve our complaint at the earliest. You can contact me on my mobile number in case you have any queries regarding the matter. I will wait in anticipation for a reply in this regard from your department.

Thanking You

George Orwell

Chief Managing Director

FLC Tools Limited

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