Formal Introduction Letter


Angelo Richards

Manager (Recruitment Cell)

FCD Telecommunication Private Limited

56, Rayleigh Colony, Central London


5th August 2012

Sub – formal introduction letter.

Dear Mr. Angelo

I am writing this letter to introduce my company to your ever growing organization. My company Lucia Mobiles Corporation is involved in the manufacturing of quality handsets and mobile telecommunication equipments. We are the market leader in providing internet connection equipments to almost fifty Telecommunication Company across the globe. We are the vendor to Befell Telecommunication Limited which is billed as the world’s leading mobile telecom operator. Our company is trying to explore the opportunities of business with you behemoth Telecom Company. We have branches in more than twenty countries throughout the world and manufacturing units in five nations worldwide. We specialize in manufacturing top quality handsets at a very low price and we also give substantial discounts to our for bulk customers.

I will look forward for a reply in this regard from your side. You can contact me at my company’s official email address or phone number to solve any queries regarding our products and services. Hope that we share a healthy professional relationship in the very near future.

Yours Sincerely

Andrew Bologna

Marketing Manager

Lucia Mobiles Corporation

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