Formal Grievance Letter

June 25, 2010

Peter Gipps


Easy Solutions Co.

London, SW19 0RE

Dear Mr. Gipps,

This letter is inform you about a formal grievance I would like to put forward.

The department head under which I work constantly harasses me and shows conduct unbecoming of a superior.  The psychological harassment comes in the form of attacking and impolite language he uses when he gives comments about my work.  Aside from this, he regularly orders me to do errands for his personal needs such as mailing his personal letters.  On several instances, he has also threatened me that I will lose my job if I complain about his behavior.

I would like to request these issues to be fully investigated based on the company’s procedure.

I have been informed that I am entitled to bring a trade union representative to the hearing.

Thank you.  I look forward to the arrangement of a grievance hearing within 30 days.

Yours sincerely,

Danny Roberts

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