Formal Complaint Letter


Mr Stevenson,

Head of finance and accounting department,

ICUC Bank,



Mr James,

Finance and accounting manager,

ICUC Bank,


Dear Mr James,

I, Mr Stevenson, head for finance and accounting department for Seattle branch of ICUC Bank, am forced to write this letter to express my reproof of the way things are progressing in our department. You have not been able to manoeuvre your staff to produce the results which have been expected and desired from you. Even there have been some complaints regarding your approach to the staff.

Moreover, the mistakes and blemishes have reached an all time high and there is no scope for further deterioration. I hope you find some solutions to the problems floating in our department and get everything back on track like it used to be. I am looking forward to a change not only in your work but also in your approach. I am hopeful that I will not be required such a letter again and make sure that I am not forced to take stern actions.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Stevenson

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