Follow Up Sponsorship Letter


Orson Welles

PR Manager

Tango Charlie Business Limited

12 Gentle Drive Street

Cardiff, United Kingdom 2390

Dated: 12th of June 2012

Subject:  Letter for follow up of sponsorship

Respected Mr. Welles,

This is to bring to your notice that I had applied for a sponsorship from your organization for an event to be organized by our institution. We are still awaiting your response in regards to that and would like to make a follow up on that.

We had sent a letter to your organization on 5th of June 2012 as we are looking for sponsors for a talent program for disabled victims that our institution has planned to organize on 20th of June 2012.  The main purpose of the event is to provide a platform for disabled victims to showcase their talents that are usually not recognized by the society. There are lots of expenses required to be incurred for the event in terms of the venue and prizes. We are approaching all corporate houses for sponsorship for this noble cause.

I believe that you will also find this event to be a helpful one for the oppressed section of the society.


Jane Austen

Marketing Manager

Institute of Social Services

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