Follow Up Request Letter


Neil Brown

Customer Relationship Manager

Max Telecom Limited

15, Russell Street, Central London


12th June 2012

Subject: Follow up to the request letter

Respected Sir

This is follow up to the request letter that I have already sent in your office regarding providing me the detailed break up bill for the calls made in April 2012 from my post paid mobile number 99998888777 on 20th May 2012.I would like to remind you that I am a customer of your mobile service for the last ten years. But I was shocked to see that the monthly bill of post paid mobile number for the month of April 2012 has being highly inflated. Although I have not made so many calls which would jack up my bill to such an astonishing figure. Therefore I would request you to kindly intervene in the matter and carry our detailed investigation to plug the loopholes.

I would be highly obliged if you kindly send me the corrected bills as soon as possible so that I can pay the dues and my connection is reinstated quickly. In case if any documents or any detail is need from my end then please let me know.

Yours’ sincerely

Charlie Kidman

99, Sky tower residential complex, western London


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