Follow Up Query Letter


Rex Hunter

Sales Manager

Raw Materials Limited

23 Red Ed Wood Street

South Hall, United Kingdom 4590

Dated: 12th of August 2012

Subject: Follow up regarding purchase query

Respected Mr. Hunter,

This letter is in regards to the mail that we had sent to your organization last week regarding the query that we have. We had sent you a mail in order to know whether you supply raw materials for cotton garments and if you do what is the price for the same.

It has been a week since we had sent you the query letter but we have not received any reply from your end. We are a readymade cotton garment manufacturing organization. We regularly need raw cotton materials in order to manufacture our garments. So we are looking for dealers who could provide us with raw cotton materials of good quality and at economical price. We have heard a lot about the reputation of your organization and there is a huge demand for your products in the market.

We are really keen to do business with you but before that it would be really great if could solve the queries that we have.


Chris Evans

Purchase manager

Gas Garments Limited

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