Follow Up Promotion Letter


Earnest Mathews

Head, HR department

Nathaniel Archbold Corporation

Q-78, second floor, Martin’s lane


Date: 18th March 2012

Subject: follow up promotion letter

Respected Mr. Earnest

I, Greg Benny am writing this letter to follow up the letter that was sent to me on 28th Feb 2012 regarding my probable promotion from the position of a junior sales manager to a senior sales manager. Sir, in that letter, an intention of promoting me on the basis of my excellent performance at my current working position was expressed. It was also mentioned that the company would like to give me more share of responsibility. I had received this letter from the head of the sales department and I wish to follow it up.

Sir, I have been working at the position of a junior sales manager since 2009 which makes it 3 years now. I have delivered my best performance at this position and have nailed many challenging situations and projects. I think that I have polished my skills and learnt almost everything that is there to learn at this post and this is the right time to take up a bigger role in the company.

Hope to get a reply from you soon,

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Greg Benny

Junior Sales Manager

Nathaniel Archbold Corporation

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