Follow Up Offer Letter


Sam Rockwell

HR Manager

JB Consultants Private Limited

120 Indiana High Street

Leeds, United Kingdom 5678

Dated: 12th of June 2012

Subject: Follow up of offer letter

Respected Mr. Rockwell,

This letter is in regards to the job interview appeared by me in your organization for the position of a junior consultant on 5th of June 2012. After the interview I was promised an offer to join the organization and was also told that the offer letter stating my cost to the company will be mailed to me.

It has more than a week since I gave the final interview. Above that I cleared the interview and was promised an offer letter. It is becoming really difficult for me as I am unable to take any decision in regards to my career.  It has always been a long cherished ambition to work in a reputed organization like yours that will give a great start to my professional career.  I believe that the job position of a junior consultant is ideal for me.

I would request you to keep informed about the date on which I will get the offer letter and also my date of joining. I am looking forward to your response.


Nick Carter

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