Follow up Letter


24 Mansfield Drive,
Manchester M23 4DJ.


ABC Corp,

64 Minehead Avenue
M20 1FW

Dear Mr/Ms [ ]

While  I extend my sincere thanks to you for having given an opportunity to meet you about the position at [name of the company].

After  successful interview and discussions, I have once again analyzed and reviewed my past experience and also about your current job requirements.

Having associated with the similar kind of employment in the past, I am fully confident that I can surely meet all your objectives set aside for the position in your organization. This will further encourage me with another opportunity to perform all the responsibilities successfully meeting the time schedules.

You can surely count on my capabilities and skills as I begin to work and endeavor with dedication, enthusiasm with professional accord.

In order to know more about my results of the interview, I have taken this opportunity to submit a brief follow-up letter. Kindly contact me either by email or call me # [ mobile no.]

Thank you for your consideration.


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