Follow Up Collection Letter


Michael Fleming

Domestic Consume Number -09E2256

8/4/D Flying Residential Complex, Birmingham,


12th June 2012

Subject:  Follow up to the collection letter that was sent to you on 30th May 2012

Respected Sir

I would like draw your attention to the letter that was mailed to your address from our company regarding clearing off your outstanding electricity bill dues latest by 10th June 2012.It has come to our notice that even after repeated requests you have failed to clear the outstanding electricity bills due that you owe to our company. This is a final letter that we are sending you to clear all your past dues latest by June 30th 2012.

In case you fail to pay up this time, then our company would be forced to take necessary legal action against you and the electricity connection of your house will be cut. In order to get back the connection first of all you have to clear all your dues with the requisite penalty. You will be also required to pay additional re-connection fees as it will charge at par with a new connection.

Hope that in order to escape from unnecessary harassments; you will pay the outstanding bill within the given deadline.

Yours’ sincerely

Steve Anderson

Regional Finance Manager

The State Electricity Distribution Company Limited

South Wales, Central London


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